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Tinello 28 Winery & Experience
Tinello 28
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Since 2017
- Pasta Making -
Wine Tasting & Dinner

"Rebbecca" on Airbnb
You should do this one! We had a great experience with Simon! The pasta  was delicious and his explanation very good and clear! We had an amazing  group and it was a lot of fun to share this experience with all of  them! Thank you so much!
"Kalna" on Tripadvisor

Everything about this experience was fantastic. Wine tasting, great  class - we made pasta and you get to choose your sauce, great walk to  the store where the class instructor gave us some great stories about  the town. Can’t recommend this enough, easily accommodated our group of  15

"Katlyn" on Airbnb
Wonderful, wonderful experience. Great tour of the beautiful town, great  wines, and a fun experience making our own pasta dishes. The hosts were  very welcoming, personable, and funny. We met some other great  travelers, and had a great time!
"Etrool" on Tripadvisor
What a brilliant experience, a small tour of lovely frascati, wine  tasting with a group of lovely people, pasta making which you then eat  with a delicious sauce made by one of the chefs, finished with a tour of  the historic cellar. Was lovely chatting to the other guests and the  staff and the family vineyard wine is beautiful. So so so worth the  money and surprised they don't charge double. A must do experience for  anyone visiting rome.
Via Gioberti 28 - 00044 Frascati (Roma)
Tinello 28 Winery & Experience
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Tinello 28
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